Did you know I was married and divorced in the late 1990s/2001? Yep! And loking back now, the first half a dozen years post-divorce were filled with opportunities to do things I knew I could not have done had things gone differently. Most importantly was the opportunity to be with someone truly nice and wonderful, but there were also some great shoes and other “luxe” purchases I selfishly made, with the 2003 Honda Metropolitan being the big one. I had always wanted a Vespa or a Lambretta, and this was a modern fun take on the idea – and it was the only option as the Vespa had not been “reimagined/reintroduced” to the US yet. So there I was, living and working in Annapolis, and every day it wasn’t raining or unbearably cold, I rode this fun little contraption to work.

I used to do wheelies down Melvin Avenue, but one time I flipped it over onto it’s ass/my leg, cracking the body panels and ending my daredevil phase. From then on out it had a red central replacement back panel (sigh) until I decided I wanted it to look like a bumbe bee. I also cut sign vinyl to make my helmet look like a monster face. Like you do.